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Directed by David Heavener. With David Heavener, Rachelle Carson, Steve DeVorkin, Danielle Brisebois. Five Vietnam vets, on release from a mental hospital.

3 Oct - 93 min - Uploaded by DIVERTMOVIES5 Kill Crazy 'Namsploitation in the great outdoors Full Movie HQ English DIVERTMOVIE.

14 Sep - 91 min - Uploaded by daghyma Kill Crazy () - 'Namsploitation in the great outdoors - Full Movie HQ Englis. Kill Crazy. 15 Feb - min - Uploaded by Kaitlin Borges Five Vietnam vets, on release from a mental hospital, think they're headed for a weekend. 12 Nov - min - Uploaded by Gabriel Adamson Ninja Turtles Dudes! They are here, they are here. Finally someone made TMNT movie.

Five Vietnam vets, on release from a mental hospital, think they're headed for a weekend camping trip. Instead they become target practice for an army of killers.

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Kill Crazy () Typically, if a movie had any HINT of action, say. a crazy dude on the cover with a headband and a gun. it would get your.

A group of Vietnam vets on a weekend camping trip are hunted by white supremacists. The lone survivor exacts his revenge by going on a killing spree.


: Kill Crazy [VHS]: Deke Anderson, Danielle Brisebois, Rachelle Studio: Media Home Entertainment; VHS Release Date: November 21,

Kill Crazy (DVD) '90 Exploitation Trash. Estimated Shipping 3 - 5 Days. $ Shipping Included. 99% Positive Feedback ( Reviews). View seller's other . PN K v. Download Medium Thumbnail. DOWNLOADS. Since September 25, PlumX Metrics. Usage. Downloads: ; Abstract Views: 9. Kill Crazy. A group of veterans who have been hospitalized for a variety of mental Release Date: Wednesday, June 27, ; Rating: Believed Acceptable.

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Finally, war vets on a camping trip get more than they bargained for in 's "Kill Crazy," starring, written, and directed by David Heavener. For those of us who came of age in the late s, it was our Shot Heard 'Round The World, our Day The Music Died, our Secret Handjob At. Ants are killing Christmas Island's iconic red crabs by the millions. suggests that since the s, the ants have killed tens of millions of crabs, and But when yellow crazy ants move in, they swarm over the crabs, spraying.

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