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The Elementals (English Edition) Cyber Montag with good price, When a sharp knock echoes through the house, Charlie and Sophie Wood's lives are changed forever. Strangers appear with a forceful, violent wind that tears the curtains and shatters the windows. Narrowly escaping the attack with the help of a mysterious old man, Charlie and Sophie find themselves suddenly-impossibly-a part of the wind, soaring over the countryside.

On the run, the pair discover the world of Elementals-a wonderful, dangerous place, rich with nature and those who control it. They encounter enemies with the power to wield water, hurl jets of fire, shape the forest, and travel in the wind, as they learn that everyone, good and bad alike, are after their lives. With the help of the old man, a lot of training, and a little of their own cunning, Charlie and Sophie set out to clear their names-and save a world they didn't even know existed.

ELEMENTALS is a middle-grade fantasy story of family, adventure, deception, and the magic of nature.

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    Elementals (English Edition) Cyber Montag

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